Learn maths while playing

HappyCalc is an elementary maths puzzle game that teaches kids how to solve mathematical equations in a playful way. This is a completely unique puzzle that consists of 138 pieces.

Our great space theme will appeal to all kids, both boys and girls.

Maths has never been this fun.

Here is what some of our customers and reviewers have to say about our product.

"My eldest then moved to making the maths based layouts and was so engrossed that I literally had to pry him away from it at dinner time.  My little guy moved from making spaceships to using the puzzle pieces to count from one to ten.  He did this completely unassisted and unprompted.  I simply turned to see he'd laid them all out in a line with pieces joined from one to ten.  I was pretty impressed.  This is a great example of how learning through play is so effective and so important." 

"I thoroughly recommend this puzzle for preschool children or even early years children. It isn’t a conventional puzzle and can really help children engage and understand maths.
The concept is good and it really encourages children to develop their maths knowledge and understanding. On top of this it also enhances children's confidence in themselves and trying new and different things, which is a major advantage in learning."

"Happy Calc have created a space themed Elementary Maths Jigsaw and they sent Little Man one to review – as he is pretty obsessed with jigsaw at the moment! The jigsaw is really well made, on glossy coated durable board and the set contains a whopping 138 pieces of different sizes and shapes. The space themed jigsaw has such longevity – Little Man has learnt the basics of maths from it and loves putting the puzzle pieces together but older children would love the deeper mathematical aspect, creating equations around the space theme. I think it’s such a well-made product and would make a wonderful gift for any school age child."

"Molly really focused on the maths, but it was also fun and not forced; it’s a jigsaw after all! Molly loved working out the maths, she is less of a number lover than George, so it was great to see her embrace numbers and puzzles. We worked through several numbers, each one producing different results so we could talk about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division."

"My overall opinion is that the Happy Calc elementary math space theme puzzle is innovative and a very new and refreshing way to learn maths in a very fun way that can be left together and your children can come back and forth to make new calculations or simply just change the space station and rockets and is great value for money."

"Our eldest is almost 5 and he really enjoys playing with the puzzle, he likes to create rockets initially and then he joins several together to create an International Space Station.  He can happily play with the puzzle from anything between 30-45 minutes fitting all the pieces together which is a miracle! I was impressed at how sturdy all the pieces are too, they are not your typical flimsy jigsaw pieces that get bent after a few games, instead I can see them in use for years by childminders or early learning practitioners.  I know that this game will last for years, so our 2 year old will get a chance to play with it when he’s older too."