Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable age group?

HappyCalc number puzzles are perfect to teach maths skills to kids aged around four years to six years of age.

However, we find that kids continue to play with the puzzles even if they are older, as the puzzles are a lot of fun.

How long does it take to ship the products?

We ship directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong. Shipping time varies, but generally around three to four weeks to countries such as Australia, UK, USA and continental Europe.

Can I fast-track shipping?

Not at the moment, as courier shipping rates are very expensive. That's something we will look at in the future. 

What about customs duties?

Customs duties will be your responsibility. 

Some countries, such as the USA and Australia, don't charge customs duties if the value of the goods received is under a certain amount. Other countries will charge, for example the UK, but unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for these amounts.