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The HappyCalc puzzle featured on the Mama Pyjama Facebook Page. What a great photo! It really shows the enormous size of the puzzle.


Other blog reviews:

"I thoroughly recommend this puzzle for pre-school children or even early years children. It isn’t a conventional puzzle and can really help children engage and understand maths.

The concept is good and it really encourages children to develop their maths knowledge and understanding. On top of this it also enhances children's confidence in themselves and trying new and different things, which is a major advantage in learning."

"The Elementary Maths Puzzle is a well-made and visually interesting educational game that has a lot of potential to capture children’s imaginations and improve their maths skills."

Here are some pictures from the amazing review on Someone's Mum

Someones Mum Review of Happy Calc Puzzle

Dakotah on playing the puzzle, "This is so much fun. I love it."

"Little G was making lots of wow noises so I know that it was really having an impact on him and getting his attention. It’s great to see him so engrossed in something and practicing his maths at the same time…that’s really something as G generally struggles with sitting down for too long with."

"It’s aimed at 3+ from an educational point but to be honest any child who enjoys puzzles would love it. In fact Spud is almost 8 and spent ages playing with it, particularly enjoying all the funny little illustrations (I have to say I was impressed with the details, so many different little creatures to spot!). Unlike any other jigsaw I’ve seen this one is completely free form with no specific rules, allowing the child to create their own original design every time. Ideal for any little anarchist."